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High Performance, Clean, Cruelty Free, Non-Chemical, Non-Toxic, Reef Safe, SPF 50, Made in the USA

Our brand prides itself on connecting wellness with beauty by using the purest, pharmaceutical grade ingredients that contain NO dyes, oils, talc, fragrance, or parabens.

Our products are ideal for all skin tones and types, especially sensitive and acne prone. The high performance formulas cover, correct, protect, heal, restore, calm, and hydrate while transforming and revealing a natural, youthful, radiant, long-wearing look.

The Benefits of La Bella Donna

  • Naturally occuring
  • Cover, correct, heal, and protect better than chemical cosmetic ingredients
  • Ideal for all ages and skin types
  • Long-lasting: will not crease, fade, or wear away
  • Lightweight: like you are not wearing makeup at all
  • Ideal for sensitive, acne, or problem skin
  • Inorganic: cannot harbor bacteria
  • Light-refractive: diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Superior coverage: allows skin to breathe
  • Non-comedogenic: will not clog pores
  • Nearly zero allergy rate
  • Provide natural sun protection
  • Help balance moisture content in the skin and enhance barrier health
  • Safe for post-op coverage

Minerals that behave like makeup

La Bella Donna’s Four Core Ingredients

Micronized Titanium Dioxide
Agent that protects against environmental damage and provides a non–chemical, non-nano, reef safe 50 SPF particle

Zinc Oxide
Non-chemical sun protection, anti-inflammatory

Bismuth Oxychloride
Anti-inflammatory and brightening

Iron Oxides
Source of color

We bridge the gap between wellness and sophisticated beauty.

We Provide a Natural Alternative to Chemical Makeup

We are a natural alternative to chemical makeup in order to ensure the health of the skin as well as the body. Our skin is our largest breathing organ and everything we put on it is filtered through the liver just like the food that we eat. We do not want to absorb chemicals into our bodies. La Bella Donna Minerals can be worn by people with immune deficiency diseases.

Aestheticians apply La Bella Donna at the end of the facial and plastic surgeons and dermatologists use after all treatments, including post-op laser.

What are the main differences between La Bella Donna and other makeup lines?

High Quality Ingredients

We only have 4 ingredients in our loose mineral base; we do not put fillers in our product line. We do not use Corn Starch or Boron Nitride, which are main ingredients in other mineral foundations.

When you mix these ingredients with the body’s natural oils - the foundation can look “cakey” while emphasizing fine lines and pores.

No Mica. No Fillers.

Other mineral lines use Mica as a key ingredient in their loose foundations - a much less expensive mineral than Titanium Dioxide, which is the main ingredient in our loose mineral foundation.

Mica has a high flash effect which can make the skin look shiny and pores and fine lines appear more pronounced.

Minerals Made Properly

We put our minerals through a triple mill process (it’s more expensive to do this process) which grinds them down to a fine consistency. When you flick the minerals in the air they will disperse.

Other mineral lines only provide a double mill process; this makes minerals heavier and not easily blendable; they can appear thicker on the skin and look more like make-up with a heavier feel.

Non-Chemical SPF

Minerals Provide Natural Sun Protection

Micronized titanium dioxide is the key. It is found naturally in minerals and does not clog pores or dry out the skin. It works quite remarkably.

Basically, it allows light to pass through the visible ray region (light that is needed for healthy develop-ment of skin) while intercepting the ultraviolet rays. Micronized titanium dioxide guards against the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays, yet gives the skin a natural looking finish.

Research shows micronized titanium dioxide provides a natural barrier to UVA and radiation without irritation, burning or stinging.

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