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Mineral Light Lip ColourMineral Light Lip Colour
Mineral Light Lip Colour
Sale price$32.50
Lip SheerLip Sheer
Lip Sheer
Sale price$32.00
Duo-Lip Crayon | Love Lips CollectionDuo-Lip Crayon | Love Lips Collection
A light pink, medum nuide, and deep red lip gloss are shown together. The lighter pink is the color Oso and the deep red is Ma Cherie. The medium nude/neutral is Rose.NEW Lip Gloss
NEW Lip Gloss
Sale price$32.00
Lip PencilLip Pencil
Lip Pencil
Sale price$30.00
Baci-Baci Award Winner Moisturizing Lip SheerBaci-Baci Award Winner Moisturizing Lip Sheer