How to Work from Home and Effortlessly Commit to Video Conferencing In-style

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How to Work from Home and Effortlessly Commit To Video Conferencing In-style


Hello gorgeous peeps! I know things are a bit challenging these days in terms of our daily affairs, but if you happen to be one of those who have been told to/ or are voluntarily working from home, you can always do so it in- style, especially if you have video conferencing throughout the day. I think it is very uplifting to get ready and look cute before your work shift starts. We do this all the time and it always makes us feel better, more confident and ready to face my workday ahead.  Before anything though, we recommend five minutes of meditation. It’s cultivates willpower, improves attention, focus, stress management and self- awareness. In terms of the beauty regimen:

First things first, let’s talk hair…

The easiest and surprisingly glamorous thing to do when not in the mood to do your hair, but need to look the part, especially for video is to push your hair back in a ponytail. Something that is routinely done to models during fashion shows and the look is simple, effortless, clean and catwalk-ready.

An essential step is makeup…

If you’re working from home, you may not necessarily want to do a full face, but given you may be doing video conferencing, I think is great to do a polished, effortless, clean no-make-up makeup look that is easy to achieve in just a few steps:

Bring Your Brow Game:

You should not have to finagle much to have great brows, especially if your hair is pulled back in a ponytail. The La Bella Donna Eyebrow Kit in the desired shade is a great tool to achieve this. Just mix the light and dark pigments (eyebrow cakes) with a slanted eyebrow brush and follow the natural arch of the brows. The product is waterproof, stays on like crazy in a good way and looks super natural. Amazing to do if you have bangs over forehead.

Complexion to Perfection:

This is huge as you’ll need your face looking cute, polished and ready for video conferencing interaction, specially if the video quality is HD, and not to mention protecting your skin from the bright and harsh screen lights. The La Bella Donna high-performance powders on the go (Minerals On The Go) in a brush tool is awesome to achieve this. Just pick the desired shade, remove the lid and start buffing the brush powder tool on forehead, cheeks, chin and jawline. It will even out your skin and get you all-ready for your online meeting. You can even walk your pet during your break (if allowed) and be protected from the sun and the environment (50 SPF broadband protection).

Cheeks and Lips:

This is the easiest part. Apply a lip balm of choice (anything you like) to keep the lips hydrated and go for the LBD Duo Lip in shade Affection. Use the matte end of the crayon to fill in your lips, apply the creamy end in the middle of the lips and blend the lips a few times until the colors have integrated. Use the cream end of the crayon as a bronzing blush on cheeks. You’ll love the look!

Last but certainly not least, now that you have achieved your effortless and clean look, it also means you are also ready in the event you decide to have an intimate dinner with a date or special person in your life. You deserve to be able to do it all—have fun! 😊


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