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Utilizing only the highest quality earth-derived minerals, La Bella Donna has created the Ultimate in Luxury Mineral Cosmetics.

Offering a complete collection of mineral-based cosmetics, La Bella Donna makes beauty more achievable than ever with formulations that nourish and heal the skin while minimizing subtle flaws. All La Bella Donna formulas are free of harsh chemicals, dyes, oils, alcohol and fragrances, providing enhanced beauty NATURALLY.

Originally introduced in premiere salons and day spas, La Bella Donna has become an international sensation. Its formulas are so gentle and effective that the brand is recommended by dermatologists and plastic surgeons for those with sensitive skin and even to cover post-procedural redness. A blush can be used as an eyeshadow, a lip liner can be an eye liner, and more! Feel free to experiment as you discover just how beautiful you can be with LA BELLA DONNA.

If you have not experienced LA BELLA DONNA products or colours, experiment and have fun!

Call if you have a question 1.800.74.BELLA. We'd Love to hear from you!

Signature Loose Minerals

Discover the Benefits of Minerals

Our Loose Mineral Foundation is our signature product, and has been sold in the world's best spas for over 20 years. Mineral Foundation is proven to protect and nurture your skin throughout the day, while providing very "light-feeling" coverage. Our Minerals are available in thirteen different shades, and is great for all skin types. This uniquely formulated Mineral Foundation will give you the coverage you want, while ensuring that your skin stays healthy and radiant. It does not clog pores and is free of all the bad chemicals that cause irritation or allergic reactions.

Our proprietary micronized titanium dioxide formula keeps your skin safe from the suns harmful rays throughout the day. This makes minerals great for walks on the beach in summer or even while skiing down the slopes in winter. Never leave home without sun protection.

Our eco-luxury Mineral Foundation formula is comprised of four all naturale ingredients that work together to balance the moisture of the skin, and bring out your skin's natural radiance.

- Micronized Titanium Dioxide 15%
- Bismuth Oxychloride
- Zinc Oxide 24%
- Iron Oxide

Liquid Mineral Foundation SPF 15


 With great enthusiasm LA BELLA DONNA has created the most exciting LIQUID MINERAL FOUNDATION SPF 15 available in the market today. The benefits of this remarkable formulation have been pushed to the limits regarding every expectation of the La Bella Donna Research and Development Team.  

LA BELLA DONNA Ultimate Pure Perfection is absolute PERFECTION FOR THE SKIN!

CO-EXIST Anti-Aging Face Gel Crème


Co-Exist Gel Crème is a unique product formulated to work with your natural cellular regeneration processes to fight the effects of aging and damaging environmental factors, by enhancing the oxygenation and metabolic activity of the skin. It is truly a preventive and restorative skin care product, uniquely formulated to work best with our nourishing Mineral Makeup line.

  • 50% Reduction in Wrinkle Depth
  • 24% Volume Increase
  • 68% Decreased Density

Natural SPF 50 Powder Sunscreen


LBD-WOMEN SPF 50 is an ALL NATURALE, PURE MINERAL translucent sun protection. It LASTS ALL DAY without re-application and provides complete protection from all UVA/UVB infrared rays. It does not contain any FD&C dyes, oils, fragrance, alcohol, parabens, cornstarch or other chemicals. Soothing and calming,

LBD-WOMEN SPF 50 can be used on rash-prone, allergy-prone (with a near-zero allergy rate) and sensitive skin. This mineral sun protection keeps the skin naturally cool (even when sitting in the sun) and reduces perspiration, doesn't irritate like chemical sunscreens. Micronized titanium dioxide is the key. It is found naturally in minerals and does not clog pores or dry out the skin. It works quite remarkably. Basically, it allows light to pass through the visible ray region (light that is needed for healthy development of skin) while intercepting the ultraviolet rays. Micronized titanium dioxide guards against the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays, yet gives the skin a Naturale looking finish. Research shows micronized titanium dioxide provides a Naturale barrier to UVA and UVB radiation without irritation, burning or stinging.

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