Groomed Brows


Keep your brows full and naturale, not over tweezed with a clean arch. By rising and dipping slightly, brows completely alter the expression of your face, from stern to surprise to perfectly serene. So integral are the eyebrows to convey emotions that hundreds of psychological studies have been devoted to them. In addition to telegraphing feelings, eyebrows frame the face and create clear boundaries for your eye makeup, which is why keeping them well groomed is so important. The cleaner and more artfully shaped they are, the more open.uplifted and symmetrically you face looks. In fact, many makeup artists assert that is your brows are in great shape, you need almost no makeup at all.

La Bella Donna has created a Complete Brow Kit that will save you hours. The Kit comes in the following shades:

Brunette Blonde Auburn
 browkit-brunette.jpg  browkit-blonde.jpg  browkit-auburn.jpg

Within each Mirrored Compact Kit you have two shades of colour, most of you will use both, a pomade/wax, this is like a sealing wax, to keep the brow in place and a highlight cream to lift the brow bone and brighten the eye.

COMPLETE BROW KIT - $40.00    

BROW LASH BRUSH - $18.00