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  • Loose Mineral Foundation

    Loose Mineral Foundation

    Loose Mineral Foundation Shade Guide  Discover the Benefits of Minerals Our Loose Mineral Foundation is our signature product, and has been sold in the world's best spas for over 20 years. Mineral Foundation is proven... More

  • L’unico Sole

    L’unico Sole

    Our Sheer mineral bronzer delivers a naturale sun-kissed complexion that radiates from the inside out.  La Bella Donna’s long lasting bronzer goes on smoothly and tones the skin flawlessly without becoming chalky... More

  • Co-Exist Gel Crème (2oz.)

    Co-Exist Gel Crème (2oz.)

    Treat your skin to a day at the spa Our Co-Exist Gel Crème is designed to work hand in hand with our nourishing Mineral Makeup lines to help your skin show off its natural radiance. Many of our loyal customers have... More

  • Compressed Mineral Foundation

    Compressed Mineral Foundation

    *We've enhanced our Topaz shade! It's now richer, more chocolate in color! Compressed Mineral Foundation Shade Guide The same amazing qualities as the Loose Mineral Foundation compressed to a silky smooth texture... More

  • Mineral Makeup Brush

    Mineral Makeup Brush

    This soft and ergonomic brush is designed to be used with our signature Loose Mineral Foundation. It is crafted from the highest grade natural hair and hand-tied for optimal blending and smooth coverage... More

  • CC Cream

    CC Cream

    ULTIMATE PERFECTION COLOUR CORRECTING CREAM Shade Guide La Bella Donna's CC CREAM is a much more refined and improved BB cream, which primes, controls oil, moisturizes, neutralizes and brightens skin for a more even... More

  • Ultimate Pure Perfection Liquid Mineral Foundation

    Ultimate Pure Perfection Liquid Mineral Foundation

    Ultimate Pure Perfection Liquid Mineral Foundation Shade Guide A nutrient-rich, creamy mineral foundation with benefits of super restorative skin care. Visibly corrects and lifts the skin so your face appears healthy,... More

  • Mineral Eraser

    Mineral Eraser

    Exclusively formulated with vitamin K, an essential vitamin known to help repair blood vessel damage, this revolutionary concealer is designed to simultaneously erase discolouration, while enhancing skin’s vibrancy... More

  • Anti-Aging Mineral Mystique -  Hydrating Concealer

    Anti-Aging Mineral Mystique - Hydrating Concealer

    A naturale flawless mineral concealer. Pure, allergen-free mineral formulation contain sodium hyaluronate with benefits towards anti-aging protection; a skin care that just happens to be a gorgeous cosmetic. A naturale... More

  • Minerals On-The-Go

    Minerals On-The-Go

    Ready, Set, "On-The-Go" This travel-friendly La Bella Donna Minerals Dispensing brush allows minerals to be directly dispensed whenever you need them. The applicator fits easily into a small clutch or purse. Uniquely... More

  • Vision of Mineral Lights

    Vision of Mineral Lights

    Quads of compressed mineral bronzing colours to give your skin an après sun-kissed glow. Naturale-created for those with a more fair complexion and may also be used as eyeshadows. Bronze- utilizes both the... More

  • Moonlight Highlighting Cream Colour

    Moonlight Highlighting Cream Colour

    A multi-purpose Blush that is a Cream-To-Blush and a Highlighting Blush. Luxurious, creamy texture, apply directly to the skin or layered over foundation. Tenderly flush the cheeks and the high points where the sun naturally... More